Hard water and its effects on household plumbing

What is hard water?

Water that has a higher content of dissolved minerals is called hard water. Pure water is an excellent solvent, so on its way to us, it picks up many minerals and becomes hard water. This water is high in calcium and magnesium and has quite many side effects on plumbing and health. To reduce the hardness of water, one can install whole house water filter systems.


Its effects on plumbing and health

Hard water has many adverse effects on fixtures and appliances. It negatively impacts the everyday chores that involve its use. It forms as residue in the pipelines and damages them. The mineral buildup clogs pipelines and decreases the flow of water. This stresses the plumbing system and as a result, it works inefficiently and needs to be repaired time and time again.

It clogs appliances that make use of it and increases their repair costs. It stains clothes when they are washed with this water and treats them harshly, making them prone to tearing. It leaves patches on glasses and other cutlery. This is why it becomes essential to reduce the mineral content in water by filtering it.

When used for bathing, it reduces the shine of the skin and hair and makes it difficult to wash off the shampoo and soap. Research also suggests that it can make skin dry if the water is very hard. This can cause the skin to become itchy, flaky and bumpy.

Apart from this, there are conflicting views about its effects on health. Some believe that the intake of hard water is healthy, while others are of the opinion that if the water is too hard, it’s a risk to the health. The latter believe that when the level of hardness is too high, it can contribute to heart diseases, reproductive issues, high blood pressure, impaired growth, and diabetes. It is also said to cause neural problems and cancers. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the water isn’t too hard. After all, prevention is better than cure.


What you can do about it

One way you can stay away from the damaging effects of hard water is by having whole house water filter systems installed. These filter systems purify the water when it enters your house to make it certain that your tap water is clean of toxins. By filtering water of excess minerals, it eradicates hardness of water and makes it usable. Whole house water filter systems remove impurities from water and make it healthy.

If preventative measures aren’t taken, you can become prey to skin issues and other problems. Even though much research has been in favor of hard water when it comes to health, there’s no denying that too much of anything is always harmful. Better than exposing oneself to its dangerous side is to have whole house water filter systems fitted. Apart from that, adverse impacts of hard water on plumbing, appliances, washing and other daily activities are too many. Thus, filters should always be made use of.

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