Lead in Drinking Water and Its Effects on Your Child’s Health

You many have been told that tap water is pure and you can drink right out of it, but more often than not, it is impure. It is so contaminated that it can damage one’s health, especially the development of children. Contaminated water is more harmful than you think it is. It is the cause of many diseases. There are many toxins in unfiltered water, and lead leads them. Lead is a powerfully toxic component found in tap water that can deter the growth of a child.


How does lead enter water?

Lead isn’t already present in water. It gets inside it through corroded pipelines and fixtures. Old plumbing rusts on the inside and leaches lead into the water. The water then carries the lead to your tap and more often than not, you end up drinking it without knowing how it can be of harm to your and your child’s health.

Sure, you can wait for the tap water to run for a while so that the lead-contaminated water drains and then drink it, but this way, you can still ingest some lead. Moreover, even though you might have the patience to wait it out, children often do not. They are impatient and careless. Even adults sometimes don’t have the time it takes to wait for the lead water to run out before gulping down a glass of somewhat pure water.

This is why you need to have a water filter pitcher so that your family can drink from it instead of going for water directly from the tap. There are other filters available as well that can be of aid in this grave matter. They make it certain that the toxins in the water are cleared off before you drink it.


The harmful effects of lead on children

Lead can impair your child’s growth and once the damage is done, it’s done. There aren’t many cures for reducing the effects of lead in children. There is almost no way to completely suck out the residing lead in the body of a person. According to the EPA, dirty water that contains lead contributes to 480,000 cases of disorders in children each year in the USA.

Lead affects the brain and soft tissue organs like the lungs and liver. It starts accumulating in the bones of children and stays there for years to come, doing as much damage as it can. It is damaging in particular to children and pregnant women.

In children, it attacks the parts of the brain that are responsible for learning that haven’t fully developed yet. It impacts the memory storing abilities and the way cells get energy by changing how the signals are transmitted to the brain. Hence, it leaves lifetime issues of behavioral problems, lower IQ, and learning disorders. It also causes anemia and slow growth in children and is a cause of hyperactivity and hearing problems in kids. In this way, it leaves an ever-lasting mark on the life of a child. Sadly, there’s nothing a doctor can do to remove the low levels of lead that have made their way inside the body.

Lead stays inside the bones and teeth and causes reproductive and other problems as one ages by circulating in the blood. It is extremely harmful to both the fetus and the mother. It can slow down the growth of the baby and cause premature birth. This is why one should avoid lead contaminated water at all costs. Nothing comes before health.


The best preventative measure

You should do everything you can to save your child from this disease-inflicting toxic agent. Since nothing can be done about it once it has been stored in the body, you should make sure it doesn’t get ingested in the first place. Boiling water will only increase the amount of lead in the water. Also, know that there’s more lead contamination in hot water than in cold.

Installing whole house water filters can save the day. A filter will refine the water and make it certain that there are no toxins like lead left in it. Whole house water filters are installed where the water enters the house. This way, they clean the water that has been made impure by running in the rusted plumbing lines even before it makes way inside your house.

If you are skeptical that even the pipelines inside your home might be corroded and contain lead, you should go for an under sink water filter. This filter is fitted under the sink so that the water is purified of lead and other contaminants before it runs out of your tap. An under sink water filter is one that’s typically installed in kitchens so that clean water can be used for cooking and drinking purposes.

By taking these measures, you can rest assured that the tap water at your home is filtered and healthy to drink and use. But what about when your children go to school? Schools in the US do not filter the water, so it contains impurities that can expose your child to lead. Make it certain that your child drinks clean and nourishing water by handing them a filtered water bottle for school. This way they will not drink the tap water at their school as they will have their own filtered water bottle by their side.

You can make use of a water filter pitcher so that your family remains safe and healthy when traveling or going on a road trip or picnic.

By taking these essential measures, you can save your loved ones from lifelong ailments. Lead is very harmful to health and is toxic. Filters can purify your drinking water so that you drink only healthy water that has no adverse side effects.


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