Aquasana Rhino

Product Name:Aquasana Rhino
Filters:Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs, Lead, Mercury, Industrial Solvents Other Chemical Compounds
Filter Lifespan:1,000,000 (10 Years)
Key Specs:Long Lasting Filter, Comprehensive Filter System, Filters and Improves Drinking Water, Available modifications and Upgrades for an even more complex system
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Without a doubt the Aquasana Rhino is one of the leaders on the market. Whilst you are paying a little more for this unit, it is worth every cent, and I can vouch for this unit as this is the same model I have installed in my home.

Everything a water filter should do, this unit does it. It will provide clean, fresh, clear, soft and odour free high quality drinking water to all your taps and showers. What is also great about this unit is that the filtration system has a 10 year life or 1,000,000 gallons worth of water. This unit is recommended for those who live in a large house with 4+ people.

There are a number of different packages related to this model, and i would recommend buying the 10 year water filter + Pro Kit. This represents the best value for money and will satisfy all your filtration needs.


  • Filter will last 10 years
  • Great customer service and aftercare
  • Comprehensive filtration of chemicals and heavy metals such Chlorine and Lead
  • Softens Water
  • Eliminates bacteria and water-borne diseases


  • A little pricey, but worth every cent due to 10-year filter life and great aftercare
  • Requires professional installation (offered by Amazon)
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