Replacing Water Bottles with Filtered Water from the Tap

Every day, you purchase bottled water because you think tap water is impure. Or maybe you buy a batch of bottled water and reuse those bottles by filling them with boiled water. Whichever way you follow, you are putting yourself and the earth at risk. Do you not think that it is such a waste of money? Apart from being heavy on the wallet, it is also environmentally harmful.


The impact of plastic bottles on you

The bottled water you buy comes in plastic bottles. This plastic contains harmful chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates. Even if the manufacturers claim that the bottle is BPA-free, there ought to be some BPA used in its making. When this plastic bottle is exposed to heat, the BPA leaches into the water, which causes issues in the hormonal system.

BPA has been associated with many health issues like neurological problems, fertility problems in women, premature birth of babies, defects in newborns, early puberty in girls, and cancer. Phthalates also have many damaging effects, including problems related to reproduction and development. This is why one should limit their use of bottled water and instead go for filtered water. An under sink water filter can help greatly in this regard.


The impact of plastic bottles on the environment

When you throw out these plastic bottles, they sit in landfills for a very long time as they take a lot of time to decompose. All this time, they leach harmful materials into the soil and negatively affect our environment. Other than this, the amount of oil required in the making and transportation is too much, especially when compared to the value of the bottle. The bottle that’s eventually going to be left to rot uses up so much oil in its production that it is an idiotic move on our behalf.

Animals also suffer because of this action. Millions of animals die because they munch on these plastic bottles when they are discarded in the landfills. The plastic kills them and our environment, using up essential minerals and giving off harmful ones.


The impact of plastic bottles on your wallet

How can we forget the toll this bottled water takes on our wallets? Purchasing bottled water is like paying for something that you can and should have for free. The yearly costs add up to enormous digits. This is the reason you should go for other means that can substantially cut down the costs. Filters are one way you can reduce the overall costs. You’ll only have to have it installed once, and you’ll be good to go for a long time. When compared to bottled water, this choice has proven to be not only a healthier source of water but also a less expensive one.

You can purchase a water filter pitcher for your daily needs and use that instead of buying plastic bottles. Neither will this water filter pitcher leach chemicals, nor will it have any other adverse effects. You can fill it up with tap water when you need, and you’d be good to go.


What you can do about it

The reason you don’t go for tap water is that it tastes bad and you think it to be full of contaminations. Research says that there is no proof that bottled water is better by much. If you fear the lead that tap water contains, then know that when you boil it, the lead in it increases. Moreover, when you store it in an old plastic bottle, it gets more contaminated with BPA and other chemicals that the plastic releases. One sensible step that you can take is drinking filtered water from the tap.

Installing whole house water filters is a smart move. This way the water is purified as soon as it enters your house and you get clean water not only for drinking right from the tap but also for using for other chores. If you think that whole house water filters will not work for you, you can go for setting up an under sink water filter in your kitchen so that the tap water is pure to drink, cook, and do the dishes.

For when you are out of your home, when your kids are at school, or even when you are planning a trip, you can buy a filtered water bottle to help you out. A filtered water bottle is a way better choice than normal bottled water. It will cut down the costs and is a healthier water source that doesn’t negatively affect the environment.


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